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 Rule & Regulation

School follow a student centered programme our aim is to provide enriching experiences to each child by curriculum as well as co-curricular activities at various levels of learning. This ensures on all round development of children. Our curriculum haves each child's skills and abilities by making them grow intellectually, socially morally and emotionally.

We aim to develop

  • Personal and social skills.
  • Communication and interactive skills.
  • Communication and interactive skills.
  • Computer skills.
  • Well balanced and adjusted personalities.
  • Project based learning skills.

These are just a glimpses of the skill and abilities we aim to achieve by giving opportunities to every child. Our activities are planned so as to unique and complete individual. The environment at school is strees free. We encourage our learners to learn and apply the principles of learning experiences to real life situations as well. Out text books, work books and work sheets are carefully selected to give an impetus to learning by doing.

 Junior School-Class I To IV


The curriculum at this stage is designed to promote healthy study habits among the learners apart from the essential emphasis on the 4 r.s. (namely reading, recitation, writing,& arithmetic). Student also develop skill of discovery observation, classification, collection, drawing inferences and the like subject like English ,Hindi science environmental studies, computers and value education are part of our daily class time table participation in co- curricular activities are encouraged and given weight age to ensure overall development in every child.


 Middle School-Class V To Vlll


At this stage we lay emphasis on learning by way of project presentation, group discussion, debates etc. With the help of the teacher communication skill both oral and written along with proficiency in mathematics, social studies and science are stressed upon computer literacy is part of of the daily curriculum and is given weight age so as to ensure that our student are technogy savvy and keep pace with the changing time. The school follows a life centered curriculum where we stress not only on knowledge for its our sake but intrinsic value for an enhanced insight into the nature of things and knowledge it is comprehensive balanced and research based , yet sensitive to charge in educational trends.